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Bow River Capital buys three prominent Wichita retail centers; lands Vasa Fitness

Wednesday, January 30 2019 8:50 AM
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Bow River Capital buys three prominent Wichita retail centers; lands Vasa Fitness BY CARRIE RENGERS Denver-based Bow River Capital purchased three prominent Wichita properties in December, hired Landmark Commercial Real Estate to handle leasing at them and now has its first major tenant to announc… Read Article

New tenant coming to center near Central and Hillside and another near 21st and Maize

Monday, January 28 2019 8:59 AM
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By Carrie Rengers January, 28th 2019   This cold January week is quite the opposite of beach weather, but you can at least start working on your summer tan. Colorado-based At the Beach is opening two new tanning salons to go with its existing one at 7825 W. Maple near Ridge Road. One is opening in about eight weeks at 3111 E. Centr… Read Article

A new Harper Camperland will compete with the new Camping World this summer

Thursday, January 24 2019 9:07 AM
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BY CARRIE RENGERS   JANUARY 24, 2019 05:00 AM, UPDATED JANUARY 24, 2019 05:00 AM   Long before Marcus Lemonis eyed the new Steeple Bay development, where his Camping World and Gander Outdoors will open this summer, a Kansas company considered the south Wichit… Read Article

Have You Heard Familiar buyer purchases Regency Park Center in front of Cabela’s

Thursday, January 24 2019 9:02 AM
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  BY CARRIE RENGERS JANUARY 24, 2019 10:55 AM         Regency Park Center, the strip center in front of Cabela’s at 21st and Greenwich, has sold to a familiar buyer. Wichita native Farouk Jehan, who now lives in California, purchased the center f… Read Article

New Groves Retail Liquor store starts another transformation at Kellogg and Webb Road

Wednesday, January 23 2019 8:01 AM
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Much like Costco transformed the northeast corner of Kellogg and Webb Road, a number of things are about to happen that will transform the southeast corner. “We’ll have several things to announce, including a major tenant in the former Builders Squarebuilding,” says Stephen Clark II of Clark Investment … Read Article

Third Wichita-area Horton’s Carpets opens

Tuesday, January 22 2019 9:08 AM
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BY CARRIE RENGERS JANUARY 22, 2019 03:50 PM, UPDATED JANUARY 22, 2019 03:54 PM   The new Horton’s Carpets is now open at NewMarket North just north of NewMarket Square on Maize Road, but co-owner Jesse Sauer prefers not to call it his second west-side store. He has a… Read Article

These new buildings will seem like retail developments but that’s not what they’ll be

Monday, January 14 2019 9:03 AM
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BY CARRIE RENGERS JANUARY 16, 2019 05:00 AM   UPDATED — There are three new 105,000-square-foot buildings coming to Wichita, and they could be a little confusing at first. Greenville, S.C.-based Centennial American Properties, a retail developer, is building three storage un… Read Article

Hotworx 24-hour infrared fitness studio to open east, then west

Monday, January 7 2019 10:44 AM
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Some people can’t exercise without a fan to cool them, but others intentionally crave heat. Crystal Wiley is counting on it, in fact. She’s opening a Hotworx franchise, a 24-hour infrared fitness studio, near K-96 and Greenwich and has a second planned in west Wichita next year. “We combine infrared energy, heat and isometric postures… Read Article

TheSportChop men’s salon to open in Derby followed by ones in Wichita

Thursday, January 3 2019 4:31 PM
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Mike and Debbie Landwehr had already been thinking of opening a sports-themed men’s salon when another one entered the market a couple of years ago. “I thought, you know what, we’d better get this thing going if we’re going to do it,” Mike Landwehr says. Now, the two are preparing to open TheSportChop this spring… Read Article

Revolutsia shipping-container development to expand with second phase

Thursday, January 3 2019 11:27 AM
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Architects played with tiny building blocks while designing Wichita’s most-talked-about new development. The blocks were a stand-in for the giant shipping containers actually used to construct Revolutsia, the city’s first shipping-container development. They helped again with plans for a second phase, which will start construction next week on the wes… Read Article
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