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A new kitchen is opening at Clifton Square, but food isn’t on the menu

Monday, June 3 2019 5:23 PM

There’s a new kind of kitchen opening in Clifton Square, but it won’t serve food.

T-shirts are on the menu for the new T-shirt Kitchen.

Wicked Stitch owner Angela Hull is opening the business in half of her existing space there because there’s going to be a new emphasis on T-shirt creations.

“It’s going to be a whole new vibe,” she says.

The Clifton Square Wicked Stitch, which is at 3700 E. Douglas, opened in December. There’s another one on the west side near 21st and Tyler.

The stores offer embroidery and screen printing, but the T-shirt Kitchen will focus exclusively on T-shirts with a new direct-to-garment machine.

“It costs as much as a car,” Hull says. “It’s crazy.”

She can do made-to-order shirts from designs that customers bring to her, or Hull says she can offer them a menu of fonts and designs to choose from.

“It’ll kind of give that whole restaurant theme type of concept.”

Shirts can be ready in a day or two. Hull says she’ll display ready-made shirts in deli cases.

Instead of using bags at the store, Hull plans to use to-go boxes like a restaurant would.

T-Shirt Kitchen and Wicked Stitch will have separate entrances, though customers can walk between them.

Hull says she thinks the playful T-shirt Kitchen name is fitting with the actual restaurants at Clifton Square.

“I think it’s going to go really well over there.” 


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