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Electric Pizzeria to open first Wichita restaurant

Tuesday, December 11 2018 4:41 PM

For the second time this year, Joe and Jackie Fowler are preparing to open an Electric Pizzeria.

The two opened their first one in Derby in January.

“If everything goes the way we want it to go, we want to end up (with) about five or six locations across Wichita,” Joe Fowler says.

Their second will open in the former Quiznos space at the northeast corner of Maple and West.

“We were able to snag their location pretty cheaply,” Fowler says. “We look really, really hard whenever we’re looking for locations.” 

The 2,500-square-foot space will have seating for about 50. There will be delivery in about a four-mile radius as well along with some extended delivery areas.

Fowler says the west Wichita Electric Pizza will have more of a focus on sub sandwiches since it’s a big lunch area.

Footlong sub sandwiches start at $5. There are also soups and salads.

Introductory pizzas also will be $5 with additional toppings $1.75 each.

Fowler says Electric pizza is similar to New York-style pizza, “but we do it a little thicker.” The crust is crunchy on the bottom and a bit chewy as well. 

The new Electric Pizzeria should open next week.

“That’s what we’re praying for,” Fowler says. “Now, we’ve said that two weeks in a row.”

He says he imagines the third Electric Pizzeria will follow in six to eight months.

“Unless this one goes really, really well, then we’ll go sooner.”

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