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Finally, an answer to what’s under construction at 13th and McLean

Tuesday, October 5 2021 2:27 PM

There’s been much speculation as to what’s under construction at 13th and McLean near Riverside and Indian Hills.

For everyone who guessed that the buildings are duplexes, you’re right.

Bob Armstrong’s RJ Castle Custom Homes and his Armstrong Plumbing are building six two-story duplexes for a total of 12 rentable units.

There was speculation that businesses might be going into the duplexes, but they’re strictly residential.

 The units are 1,150 square feet each with three bedrooms and two baths along with an oversized deck out back.

“They’ll be a lighted carport in the front of them,” Armstrong said.

He said he isn’t sure what rental prices will be yet. Armstrong said it’s difficult to get supplies and labor, so it’s hard to say what his final costs will be.

“I won’t know more until I get farther along really.”

Armstrong describes the duplexes as modern looking, and though there are mostly older homes near there, he said the development will “fit real well in the neighborhood.”

Article by Carrie Rengers from The Wichita Eagle.

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