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Husband and wife become glass gurus to help homeowners with window repairs

Friday, October 4 2019 2:39 PM

Valarie and Michael Gomm considered a number of franchises before settling on Glass Guru of Wichita.

There are about 80 Glass Guru franchises nationally, but none are in Kansas.

“We saw that as an opportunity,” Michael Gomm says.

Even more, he says, they saw an opportunity to help people.

“We thought it was a service that Wichita homeowners could use.”

The business repairs and restores windows and helps with issues such as foggy double-paned windows.

Gomm says he and his wife had that issue and learned from their own experience that it’s not “a cheap or an easy fix.”

“We wish this business was around when we were doing that,” he says. “We have a way of removing the moisture between panes.”

The two are opening their business Monday at 1632 S. West St.

Stephanie Wise of John T. Arnold Associates handled the deal.

Michael Gomm spent more than 20 years in aerospace sales and marketing.

Valarie Gomm most recently was a stay-at-home mom, but previously she was in retail and banking. She is the majority owner of the business. Michael Gomm says he’s proud to say Glass Guru of Wichita is a woman-owned business.

Initially, they’ll have one glazer on staff.

“We’ll be hiring and growing from there,” Michael Gomm says.

“Our goal is to save people money on the repair and restoration of their windows.”



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