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Jeweler to move to larger showroom with bridal area and coffee and wine bar

Thursday, May 23 2019 3:25 PM

You wouldn’t necessarily think that a jewelry store owner would want another jewelry store close by, but James Smits says it makes sense.

He and his wife, Monica, own Aspen Boutique along with the center it’s in at the northwest corner of Douglas and Oliver, which is called Aspen Plaza.

They’re now welcoming new tenant Carolyn Sayre’s Fine Jewelry.

“We think it’s fabulous,” James Smits says. “She has such a great reputation, and it’s really a different category of jewelry than what we do.”

Carolyn Sayre is a certified gemologist, and her husband, Scott Rudd, is a master goldsmith who makes the jewelry that she designs.

The store currently is in Happiness Plaza further west on Douglas.

Sayre says she likes that the new space, where the store will open in late June, is on a corner with a lot of traffic.

She says she also appreciates the other businesses that are there.

“I think we all . . . complement each other very well.”

Smits says he agrees.

“I just think they’re really a fabulous fit for all of the women’s-oriented businesses that we already have.”

The new store will have 1,920 square feet and a larger showroom.

“We will have more cases, so we will have more inventory,” Sayre says.

There will be a small coffee and wine bar area and a special area just for brides.

“Now we’re going to have a sit-down bridal area,” Sayre says.

She says there will microscopes for viewing and learning about diamonds.

In addition to being a good fit with the other businesses, Smits says he likes that Sayre’s business is local.

“I’m so excited to have everybody local in our center.” 


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