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McCownGordon Construction selects former Associated space for new Old Town office

Wednesday, December 5 2018 10:45 AM

One business’ decision to not take the former Associated office in Old Town freed the more than 3,200-square-foot space for McCownGordon Construction, a Kansas City, Mo.-based construction firm that has been working in the market several years and now wants to establish an office here.

“We were really excited to hear it was still available,” says Mitch Binns, who is regional manager for the company and will run the new office.

The longtime Associated agency, which had a final home on Second Street behind Old Chicagoclosed in August

“Visibility is great off of Second Street,” Binns says.

He says it’s also easy-access and offers employees all kinds of options for working outside of the office. 

“We just love Old Town and being in the thick of it all.”

The company has been on the move a lot lately.

It’s in a new office in Manhattan, which was the firm’s first regional office. McCownGordon built that office, which is north of K-State’s football stadium. The building features a lot of glass and natural light.

“It’s beautiful,” Binns says.

In the spring, the firm’s main office will move within downtown Kansas City to new space at 850 N. Main St. 

“That’ll be a fun spot, too,” Binns says.

McCownGordon started in 1999 and today has 400 employees, 12 of whom will be in the Wichita office along with 15 in the field.

Of the firm’s approximately $1.4 billion in work that it’s looking to complete in the next three years, almost $250 million of that is in the Wichita area, including Rock Regional Hospital in Derby, Patterson Health Center between Harper and Anthony and several school projects in Newton, Kingman and Derby.

Much of McCownGordon’s focus is on healthcare, civic and school work, including higher education and K-12 projects.

Binns says as the firm’s work here grew and new relationships and opportunities developed, it made sense to have an office in Wichita, too. 

“We have so many associates that are already down there that call it home.”

He soon will, too. Binns, a Derby native, is moving his family to Wichita the day after Christmas.

The new office will open Jan. 2.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

Binns says McCownGordon could one day build its own office here, but for now the Old Town space will work well.

“We just want to get comfortable with the market,” he says.

“It’ll be fun down there. We’ll have a good time. Everybody’s excited.”

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