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On the agenda: a nightclub, a winery and, ah, tanks

Wednesday, August 21 2019 1:23 PM

There’s an application for a nightclub on the planning commission’s agenda this week, but it’s not exactly what it looks like.

Jennifer McDonald has applied for the license in order to have music at Jenny Dawn Cellars.

That’s the urban winery, as she calls it, that’s going to open in October at Union Station.

The city classifies any venue that serves alcohol and has entertainment as a nightclub.

McDonald says music won’t be the focus.

“No, it’s the wine.”

She says her vision is for customers to be able to enjoy wine, see how it’s made and perhaps enjoy some quiet music in the background.

Look for a sneak peak at her winery in late September.

Also coming up on the zoning agenda is a request for a parking variance by a local physician who is hoping to open a tank museum. He needs the variance because four tanks are taking up his existing parking in north Wichita.

Look for more information on the possible museum soon.

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