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Wichita recycler expands again by bringing another company back under local ownership

Monday, November 4 2019 5:03 AM

AllMetal Recycling has expanded yet again, this time by bringing a longtime Kansas company back under local ownership.

Glickman Metal Recycling started in 1910 and sold to Oklahoma-based Yaffe Cos. in 2002.

Last week, AllMetal purchased Glickman from Yaffe, which still has operations in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.

Glickman has 40 acres at 2829 N. Emporia, which AllMetal will keep.


“It’s back in a local family with ties in the community,” says co-owner Clint Cornejo. “That makes it pretty special.”


Since forming in 2009, AllMetal has expanded rapidly. The company now has three feeder yards in Wichita, one in Newton and one in Harper.

“We really collect from all over the state now,” Cornejo says.

“Our reach extends far beyond Wichita, which gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

He says the Glickman purchase does, too.

“The Glickman name has obviously been around for years.”


The business has an auto shredder, which Cornejo says is “a strategic acquisition for us.”

“It allows us to upgrade some product lines that we weren’t able to before.”

The shredder can handle cars, appliances and “white goods,” such as hot water heaters.

Cornejo says it made more sense to buy a company that had a shredder than to buy a shredder itself.

He says this one and another were already in the area, and in addition to being a sizable purchase, Cornejo says, “The size of this town wouldn’t support three auto shredders.”


AllMetal will keep Glickman’s main operations and most of its employees, Cornejo says.

Glickman also has had a small feeder yard near AllMetal’s operations on 21st Street, which Cornejo says he’ll close.

He says Glickman does a lot of work with aerospace manufacturers, which AllMetal also does, so he says “that adds to our market reach as well.”

“We kind of have a history of buying up some of these old scrapyards in town,” Cornejo says. “We just put our touch on it. . . . Our goal was to change the image of the industry.”

He says AllMetal is doing that through being as transparent and fair as possible.

Cornejo says Glickman is a company with a good foundation.

“With our growth over the last few years, this was the next step to continue the growth.”



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