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Cleary, Wagle, Soderberg and West, a new group of attorneys, to lease Landmark Commercial Real Estate building space

Wednesday, May 19 2010 12:00 AM

WICHITA — A new lease at the Landmark Commercial Real Estate building at First and Emporia will bring the building to 100 percent occupancy.

Landmark and 1Point LLC have 7,920 square feet of the Old Town space, which Landmark renovated and moved into in 2007.

A new group of independent lawyers are forming an entity — not a law firm — to share the remaining 3,912 square feet on the building’s first floor.

The new group is Cleary, Wagle, Soderberg and West, which includes Mike Cleary, Karen Barry West, Jennifer Wagle, Ann Gottberg Soderberg and Stephen Turley.

Floodman, Wagle and West has been sharing space at 323 N. Market for more than four years.

With the new entity, West says the group needs more room. She says there are a lot of things they like about the Landmark building, including that the group will be easily accessible on the first floor with plenty of parking not far from courthouses.

“We need to be able to get in the car and go, and so that was very appealing,” West says.

She says the group also has an appreciation for how Landmark president Brad Saville renovated the 1919 building.

“We loved what he had done there,” West says.

Landmark’s Lewis Kelley and Gary Snyder handled the lease.

Landmark and 1Point still have room to expand in their area with four to five more agents and staff.

The attorneys all practice family law, including divorce, custody and paternity cases, juvenile law and adoptions.

Wagle and Soderberg also handle mediations and limited case management.

West specializes in collaborative law.

Cleary does mostly criminal work in addition to domestic cases.

“I think we’re going to be a very powerful entity,” West says. With the diversity of fields the attorneys practice, she says, “We offer a lot.”

West adds, though, “It’s always a little nerve-wracking when you move your business.”

Especially thinking clients might not know where they went.

The attorneys will move into the Landmark space Aug. 1.

“So,” West says, “if anybody’s trying to find us, that’s where we’ll be.”

By Carrie Rengers

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