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Dog-friendly downtown to get a dog-friendly business in the Spaghetti Works District

Monday, July 22 2019 3:59 PM

Julie Breault says she always thought that she and business partner Sara DuLac would open their second Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique on the west side after opening their first on the east side in 2013.

Instead, they’re opening their next grooming business in what Breault says is an extremely dog-friendly downtown.

“I want to be part of the environment, that community that embraces that,” she says.

The boutique will open on the south side of the Spaghetti Works District next to a small dog park and the much-larger Naftzger Park.

Breault says she began noticing how many people walk everywhere with their dogs downtown.

“I personally love that sort of urbanite living.”

She and DuLac haven’t settled on hours yet, but Breault says they may differ some from the original boutique. For instance, the new boutique may open on Sundays for quick dog baths.

The new site will have some of the original’s signature pieces of decor, such as a centerpiece sofa and chandelier.

Breault says she and DuLac haven’t decided on a name for the second boutique yet and may ask the public for help.

She says they’ll also want to hear from customers about what they’d like in the boutique.

That likely will mean more retail, such as pet treats, collars and leashes, but Breault says it depends.

“I just need to find out what people want downtown.”

The new space will be about 2,000 square feet.

Brad Saville and Brett Harris of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

When Hairy Sofa first opened at Siena Plaza near 37th and Rock Road, it was in 1,200 square feet but then moved to 1,800 square feet.

“We’re completely booked and have been . . . since we opened almost,” Breault says.

Even though she says they could easily open a second site on the east side, the west side will be the next business after downtown.

The new boutique will open this spring.

Breault says the idea is to be “in the mix of everything.”

“Pet parents,” as she calls them, “need somebody right down there where they can just walk to us.”


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