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Donut Whole Plus to open in former east-side Hurts Donut space

Tuesday, December 4 2018 8:49 AM

Donut Whole Plus is going to open in the former Hurts Donut space at 3750 N. Woodlawn near 37th and Woodlawn.

“The idea was essentially to bring the Donut Whole more to the northeast side of the community — the Donut Whole uniqueness,” Azmi says.

He says he and his partners were approached about taking over Hurts and continuing to run that business.

“We struggled with it for the last month,” Azmi says. “We didn’t want to be tied with a franchise on it.” 

He says he then learned the landlord was willing to lease the equipment in the building.

“That’s when we said we’ll do a Donut Whole Plus,” Azmi says. “The Plus is essentially try to experiment with some new things.”

He says that includes trying yeast doughnuts like Hurts makes, including possible yeast doughnut sandwiches.

Fritters and kolaces are possibilities as well.

“If it works, we’ll bring it to the other Donut Whole original — the OG.” 

Azmi says he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt the integrity of the original Donut Whole that founders Michael Carmody and the late Angela Mallory made an instant Wichita hit

Initially, Azmi will bring doughnuts from the original Donut Whole, which is at 1720 E. Douglas in the Douglas Design District, to the new one. 

“That will be the fastest and the easiest way of getting it open.”

Donut Whole Plus Hours will be 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily “so that we can understand the pattern and see how the community in that area shops.”

Azmi says the new space will allow him to have a separate kitchen for gluten-free baking. He says that’s “the biggest thing we’re excited about.”

The gluten-free products he makes there will then supply the Donut Whole as well.

Azmi says he’s made some minor changes at the Donut Whole, such as new carpet and a new espresso machine.

“All the weird stuff is still there,” he says of the imaginative doughnuts.

He says that won’t change at either Donut Whole.

“That creativity and the uniqueness is still there.”

Azmi had hoped to open Donut Whole Plus next week, but he hasn’t taken possession of the building yet.

“Some final details are still being worked out.”

Craig Simon and Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate are handling the deal.

Azmi hopes he can open yet this year.

“That’s my goal.” 

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