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For the first time in decades, the Stables to be home for one well-known company only

Wednesday, September 9 2020 3:56 PM


For decades, many companies related to the media have occupied the Stables at 322 S. Mosely. Now, the development company TGC Group is going to be moving their headquarters there.

TGC, which is currently located at 125 N Emporia, is knocking down it’s building to use as property parking for the new IMA Financial Group headquarters.

Nick Esterline, the founder of TGC said that his company had looked into moving TGC just across the street, but decided that it would be a part of the IMA project as well and that they think they can enhance the overall building by having additional parking right there.

Esterline doesn’t plan to modify the historic look of this building, as it served as actual stables for horses that delivered ice in the area about a century ago.

Copp Media, owned by Bonnie Tharp and has been in the building for eight years says she’s leaving with mixed emotions. She says she loved the building’s character and that there isn’t another building like in in Wichita.

Nonetheless, her and her daughter, have purchased their own building at 449 N McLean, and are renovating the 1970’s structure. They think it will be unique once completed.

Previously, Tharp had run her company for two decades, from home. Now because of the pandemic, she has gone back to that and considered making it permanent. However, she thinks she and her team will miss collaborating too much and there’s only so much you can do over a zoom meeting.

Many businesses such as Get Reel Productions, Joust Inc., Avacar Financial, and Dunn Allen Design, from the Stables, enjoy working with each other so much, they’re all now all together at 900 N. Tyler.

Owner of Dunn Allen Design, said it made sense to relocate with Joel Nollette of Get Reel Production and Curtis Gross of Joust Inc., because they work hand in hand on so many projects.

Gross stated that it’s never fun to be upended, but “in hindsight, I don’t know that it was a bad thing”.

Cindy Nolte, owner of Pop Machine Agency, felt the same but has now tripled her space at nearby 420 S Commerce St.

Heather Hanson, owner of Hanson & Wright with Ken Wright, now located at 10500 E Berkeley Square Pkwy, feels so much the same way that she calls it “the biggest blessing ever” but that “It just feels like we have our own little space now”.

Dave Quillen of Quillen Elsea, who is mostly retired, has been at the stables for over two decades, but wasn’t fazed about the move. He prefers to say he’s an “undisclosed business”, as he’s been hiding out from new business for a decade.

Read the full article from the Wichita Eagle here:

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