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Hotworx 24-hour infrared fitness studio to open east, then west

Monday, January 7 2019 10:44 AM

Some people can’t exercise without a fan to cool them, but others intentionally crave heat. Crystal Wiley is counting on it, in fact.

She’s opening a Hotworx franchise, a 24-hour infrared fitness studio, near K-96 and Greenwich and has a second planned in west Wichita next year.

“We combine infrared energy, heat and isometric postures . . . to help flush toxins, tone up and torch calories,” Wiley says.

“It’s a radiant energy,” she says. It “strengthens and activates the regenerative process in the human body.”

Members do various exercises in semiprivate, 125-degree saunas.

There will be eight sauna units within Hotworx, which will open in March at 2564 N. Greenwich next to Eat Fit Go, which is in front of Academy Sports & Outdoors.

“Each sauna unit is designated for a specific program,” Wiley says.

That includes workouts such as hot yoga, hot pilates, high-intensity interval training, hot cycle, hot row and hot bands.

There are classes designed for specific body parts, such as hot buns “that gets your butt in shape,” Wiley says.

There’s a hot core class that she says helps reduce cellulite and accelerate workout recovery.

Wiley has been a fitness instructor for nine years.

“I have a passion for fitness and always figuring out ways that I can recreate a level of exercise that everybody can achieve.”

She says there are always modifications to make.

The Hotworx classes are led by virtual instructors.

“So our instructors are always on time and are never hung over,” Wiley laughs.

The rooms hold three people at a time, so 24 people can work out every 30 minutes.

“People can just pop in and pop out of those,” Wiley says.

Members can download an app and register for classes three days out.

Regular memberships will be a $99 enrollment fee and $59 a month for unlimited classes, but there are pre-sale discounts for each block of 100 people who sign up. For instance, for the next 100, there will be a $10 enrollment fee and a rate of $44 a month. The amount will keep increasing until the opening date.

Already, Wiley says, “Wichita broke every Hotworx record ever.”

For people who are doubtful about working out in a hot environment, she says the workouts aren’t like sitting in a regular sauna.

“It’s definitely not the same feeling.”

Scott Harper with Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal. 

She’ll offer one free class per person for people to check out the workout.

“With infrared heat it does not feel that hot,” Wiley says. “You’re going to sweat, absolutely, but it’s a level that’s comfortable to work out in.”

She says she’s done two half marathons, but with Hotworx she “sweated more in that 30 minutes than I did in those two half marathons.”

“It felt so good.”

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