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Second Wichita Hurts Donut opening near 37th and Woodlawn

Monday, April 25 2016 4:01 PM

There are lots of Hurts Donut customers who travel from the east side of Wichita to the shop near 21st and Ridge Road, but now they’ll have an option closer to home.

The almost 1-year-old business is going to have a sister store at 3750 N. Woodlawn, which is just south of 37th Street where Two Brothers BBQ once was.

“We really like the location on the east side of town,” says franchisee Trista Patterson.

She owns the 24-hour business with her husband,Brandon, and her parents, John and Karen Peraita.

The four had been working on a deal to open in the former Pacific Coast Pizza space near 37th and Rock Road but decided against it.

“We decided to go with a little bit smaller concept,” Patterson says. “We just loved the 37th and Woodlawn area better.”

She says they like the traffic that Dillons generates at the intersection.

The new 2,400-square-foot space will be about the same size as the original one, but it will have a different look.

“We’re just looking for a different kind of feel when you come in there,” Patterson says.

She says there still will be some of the fun signage and “crazy loud colors” that Hurts is known for.

A second store was always a possibility, Patterson says, and the first store’s reception convinced her and the other owners a second one could work.

“The turnout has been amazing,” she says. “We really see a big turnout from just every different age and demographic all over Wichita.”

There’s a possibility for a south-side Hurts one day, but Patterson says the next one after the east side will be in Hutchinson.

“We already have some plans … in the works for a Hutchinson location,” she says.

That’s because when the store has taken its “whaam-bulance” there for deliveries and events, it’s been well received.

“They’re just needing and wanting something fun in their area,” Patterson says.

She says Hurts has been popular at events in Salina, McPherson and Winfield, too. At a recent Winfield event, Hurts sold 360 dozen doughnuts in less than an hour, Patterson says.

“It was, like, 7:50, and everything was gone.”

Kameron Rich and Christi Royse of J.P. Weigand & Sons and Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal for the new east-side space, and Rich and Royse are working on a Hutchinson deal.

Patterson says the second Hurts should be ready within 10 weeks.

“We are planning a pretty quick turnaround on this location.”

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