Beau Hudson

Sales Associate

Over the past 23 years, Beau has performed in various sales and management positions for a short list of companies, both public and private.

Prior to his focusing fully on commercial real estate, Beau started businesses, managed staff and finances for large company business units, and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in complex financial products to mid and large market clientele.

Over the past 10 years, Beau has been involved in fundraising, brokering, principal acquisition and sale of commercial properties all around the country, across various property types.  The bulk of his brokerage work is focused on representation of High-Net-Worth Investors, specializing in net lease and related cash flowing property investments, and serving as agent for developers in acquisition of land, or property for redevelopment and sale.

Beau enjoys and excels at bringing his personal investment perspective and experience to buyers.  Plainly put, he loves to see his buyers make money, and “win”.  Beau’s network, ability to communicate and foster long-term relationships are his strongest assets, and put to use in benefiting his clientele.  Beau’s mentors, partners and agency peers provide hundreds of years of wisdom and resources that are shared with his clients.  This creates a unique value proposition for any investor or developer looking for a rounded advisor and a “one stop shop”.

His ability to understand and fulfill buyer goals, along with creativity in deal making are often the difference in, and reason for a successful transaction.  He finds a way if the deal is right, or advises otherwise when it’s wrong.

Beau is transparent and honest, he’ll tell you that he “won’t let you do anything he wouldn’t do” with his own money.  He takes his business personally and seriously, puts his commission last, and succeeds at creating long-term clients, often friends, because of his approach.

Beau believes in continual learning to best serve his clients, often participating in education and events affiliated with the CCIM Institute.  Knowledge is power, and translates to successes for all involved.

Beau has been married to his wife Diana for 4 years.  They reside in Andover, KS, with their 3 yr. old daughter Crosby, and Newborn daughter Landry.  The Hudson family loves travel, the outdoors, great food and wine, and they bleed Crimson & Blue.


Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. – Andrew Carnegie

Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait. – Will Rogers

Landlords grow rich in their sleep. – John Stuart Mill