Ted Branson, SIOR

Sr. Vice President & Associate Broker

Ted Branson brings an extensive 45-year background as a commercial-industrial specialist, with the first 24 years as a broker at Branson & Associates (B&A), Inc. This family-owned commercial brokerage and property management company was co-founded by Colby Sandlian and Ted’s late father, Robert “Bob” Branson, in 1971. Ted joined the company in 1977. It was one of the first truly leasing specialty companies, but grew into being full service over those years. Ted’s father passed away in 2002, and In April 2002 Ted started the local office of Coldwell Banker Commercial (Stucky & Associates), where he successfully navigated a challenging market, accumulating a significant portfolio of listings and clients. In 2008-2009’s difficult economy, Ted began to explore collaboration with other commercial opportunities.

The collapse of Coldwell Banker Commercial in the housing bubble of 2009 simplified the decision, as Ted joined Landmark Commercial Real Estate, Inc., leading to the creation of Landmark’s new Industrial Division. This marked the completion of the formation of Landmark as a comprehensive commercial-industrial-development-investment-property management brokerage, a fitting and successful partnership for Ted.

Ted’s responsibilities encompass sales, consulting, leasing, and property valuations across various commercial real estate categories. He collaborates with a growing network of professionals, including brokers, developers, accountants, attorneys, contractors, architects, engineers, and local authorities, to ensure the successful resolution of his clients’ needs. His extensive experience spans all types and sizes of leases and sales, covering retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing, mini-storage, land, and investment properties. His clientele ranges from local businesses to regional, national, and international individuals and companies.

Ted’s drive is evident in his commitment to facilitating commercial and industrial real estate transactions, even in challenging economic times. He excels in listening to his clients’ needs, leveraging his years of experience, staying current with the latest marketing trends, and applying this knowledge to meet clients’ and prospects’ objectives.

Over the years, Ted has earned multiple Masters Circle & President’s Club Sales/Leasing awards. However, he values the satisfaction of clients and prospects, who represent a diverse range of sizes and interests, all striving to meet needs, fulfill dreams, or make a living in various captivating ways.

A 1977 graduate of WSU, Ted is an active member of NAR, KAR, WAAR, and the local CCIM chapter. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in family life with his two sons, Blake (26) and Jeff (21), and his blissful marriage to his wife, Rhonda. His interests extend to God and church activities, various ministries, guitar/singing, constitutional government, and health/fitness.