Trevor Burford

Property Manager & Sales Associate

Trevor joined the Landmark Team in April of 2019. He brought with him a strong background in Real Estate.

Trevor attributes his work ethic to growing up on a farm as it taught him what hard work is and how to translate that to succeed in life. He was born and raised in the Conway Springs area and went to college at Pittsburg State University for 3 years, then transferred to WSU for a semester before getting involved in residential real estate sales. He began his own real estate investment company in 2010 and continues to maintain a portfolio of current rental properties.

In 2012, Trevor took the next step and began doing residential property management. Since that time, he has gone from managing a 68-unit multi-family complex to overseeing commercial properties. He now manages and oversees over 17 properties as well as being involved in some commercial development opportunities.

When he’s not working, his outside interests include basketball, golf, racquetball, watching NBA and spending time with family and friends. Trevor’s grateful for the support of his wife and their 3 daughters.